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Monday morning, he returned with a lengthy proposal breaking down every shot in the film in which robots would appear, outlining how each shot could be accomplished. I've recently posted an article on the Trumbull Pal robot from the Showscan move "Let's Go". From different articles it appears the key players behind Pal were: Doug Trumbull, designer Don Guzay, builder Eric Allard, puppeteer Bruce Schwartz, and yourself.

As mentioned on your own website, you are the one who is credited with the construction and on-set operation of the robot.

is a pair of films about a bleeding edge military robot who becomes self-aware.

Closer robotic performance was achieved via a high-tech version of Japanese Bunraku puppetry, performed from below by master puppeteer Bruce Schwartz.

Trumbull had come up with the idea of combining radio-controlled servo mechanisms with the techniques used to manipulate large Japanese rod puppets (Jim Henson's Muppets occasionally use these techniques, as well).

Trumbull and Allard, along with assistant Barnaby Jackson and puppeteer Bruce Schwartz, worked out the details.

Johnny 5 would eventually return in a TV short named with his having his own home and a car.

Even though it was primarily an educational film regarding vehicle ownership and insuring, the comedy of the two movies remains.

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5 : "…but the job went to 30 year-old Eric Allard, whose few prior credits included DRAGONSLAYER (the full-scale dragon claw); BRAINSTORM (the destruction of the automated production line) and most importantly, a Showscan short titled LET' S GO, which featured an anthropomorphic robot named Pal.

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