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I asked my girl where she was headed and she said to meet up with friends, so I knew there would be no instant date option. If you’re looking for some more help on approaches and how to build attraction, then I recommend my book Bang.

If your girl doesn’t seem to be doing anything then ask her if she wants to join you for the ice cream, the pizza, or the drink then and there. It has 64 pages on Early Game that focus exclusively on the approach and what to say immediately after.

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Do girls like being hit on the street by random men? In reality girls love being hit on by men who make them feel attraction and give them good conversation, regardless of where it is.

The reason is because most men who do it (construction workers, thugs) have horrible street game.

While walking on the sidewalk I spotted a very cute girl coming towards me and my friends from the opposite direction. My two friends didn’t know I was going to approach her so they sort of drifted off to the side and talked amongst themselves fifteen feet away while the whole thing happened.I playfully shot down all her choices as not being cool and fun enough. After about 90 seconds of talking about bars I said, “Well, I’m actually looking for bride, a cool chick that I can marry hopefully soon.I was hoping for a place around here where I could find her.” She laughed and mentioned one more bar name, as if I’d actually find a bride there.I’m writing this a day after I got the number of an 8/8.5 (according to my friend’s rating), who was walking alone early Tuesday evening in Washington DC.Let me explain how I did it so you can go out there and do it yourself.

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I stopped when she was about five feet away from me and said…

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