Federal government dating policy

Federal government dating policy

An employee is given additional service credit based on the mathematical average (rounded in the case of a fraction to the next whole number) of the value of the employee’s last three annual ratings.

If an employee received more than three annual ratings during the four-year period, the three most recent annual ratings are used.

A furlough of more than 30 calendar days, or of more than 22 discontinuous work days, is also a RIF action.

“Bumping” means displacing an employee in the same competitive area who is in a lower tenure group, or in a lower subgroup within the released employee’s own tenure group.

However, the abolishment of a position does not always require the use of RIF procedures.

The agency may reassign an employee without regard to RIF procedures to a vacant position at the same grade or pay, regardless of where the position is located.

The service dates include creditable civilian and military service, and additional service credit for certain performance ratings. Employees receive extra RIF service credit for performance based upon the average of their last three annual performance ratings of record received during the four-year period prior to the date the agency issues RIF notices. 114-92, the Defense Department made an employee’s “rating of record” the first determining factor there, followed by tenure group, average score, veterans’ preference and Do D service computation date.

The four-year period is the earlier of the date the agency issues RIF notices, or the date the agency freezes ratings before issuing RIF notices. The “rating of record” is the average of the employee’s last two performance evaluations, rounded up to the next whole number.

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The employee would receive additional RIF service credit based upon the two actual ratings plus one assumed rating of “Fully Successful” (12), or 20 16 12 = 48, divided by 3 = 16 years of RIF credit for performance.

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