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Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal. 65% of Americans didn’t receive recognition in the workplace last year. Sign up for The Gratitude Hack, the course I created with the sole focus of helping you live a happier, more grateful life. Want to know the details or explore the science that backs up these claims? Optimism in turn makes us happier, improves our health, and has been shown to increase lifespan by as much as a few years.

Click below to go to the specific category or benefit that interests you, or just continue scrolling. The act of gratitude is the act of focusing on the good in life.

I expect this to change – because of my compassion and gratitude practices I am starting to have spontaneous urges to help others.

Put more simply, we get use to the good things that happen to us.

Gratitude can’t cure cancer (neither can positive-thinking), but it can strengthen your physiological functioning. The details are complicated, but the overall picture is not – if you want to improve your health, improve your mind. better coping & management of terminal conditions like cancer and HIV, etc…) apply to gratitude as well.

In fact, some recent science shows just that – those who engage in gratitude practices have been shown to feel less pain, go to the doctor less often, have lower blood pressure, and be less likely to develop a mental disorder. think of it as a reflection of my personality, it comes out naturally 🙂 The research for this post took an extremely long time (~25-30 hours), but because I’m such a nerd, that was fun and just replaced my usual reading time.

Hedonic adaptation gives unparalleled resiliency and keeps us motivated to achieve ever greater things.

Those who have been disabled have a remarkable ability to rebound – initially they may feel terrible, but after months or years they are on average just as happy as everyone else.

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If it’s thinking about a few things we have to be grateful for today, it will induce the relaxation response, knock us out, and keep us that way. In another study of 400 healthy people, those participants who had higher scores on a gratitude test also had significantly better sleep.

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